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Color wheel Connections Bookmaking Unit uses the artist’s color wheel as a metaphor to encourage children and teens to contemplate their similarities and differences as human beings. In the color wheel, two hues may occupy territory on opposite sides of the wheel, but when they are side by side, they vibrate and dance, forming a complementary set. Likewise, two people can have differences, yet have hopes, dreams aspiration and family connections that are very similar to one another. These commonalities become the threads that hold us together as the human race.

Art educator Jenna Bauer will share The Color Wheel Connections Bookmaking curriculum through an upbeat lecture-style presentation that includes handouts, a slide presentation, hands-on art activities and a kit of art supplies required for a classroom to complete the studio art portion of the curriculum.

For more information and to sign up, call Rebecca Gunter, Sheldon Art Galleries Education Coordinator, at 314-533-9900 ext. 18 or rgunter@thesheldon.org