Musical Ancestries: Ukraine™ Premiere Airs

May 20 on Classic 107.3 FM

Classic 107.3’s Musical Ancestries™ series featuring the music and culture of Ukraine premieres following Classics 4 Kids on Saturday, May 20 at 10am! Additional airings include Sunday, May 21 at 7pm and Wednesday, May 24 at 2pm.

Whether you want to spice up the end of the school year or plan for the next, the new Musical Ancestries episode will take your students on a journey to explore the splendor of Ukrainian culture through its music, dance, history, and rich cultural traditions. Musical Ancestries is designed to create a pathway to understanding and appreciation as children explore the great diversity of our community.

In this episode, listeners experience the beauty of Ukrainian music and culture with young Veronika through the stories of her grandfather, Didus Ilya. Together they enjoy the wonderful music, unique instruments, thrilling dance, traditional foods and compelling celebrations!

Free, online, teacher-created learning resources, with National Standards included, supplement the audio recording of the Musical Ancestries™ children’s story with audio and video music samples, instruments, history, dance, geography, demos, how-tos, hands-on activities, and more. The Musical Ancestries™ program works well both in-person and virtually, as well as for independent student learning. After May 20th, click this link to access the free online audio recording, script, Prezi of educational resources, community resources, and lesson prompts for Musical Ancestries: Ukraine.

The audio recording includes local voices in addition to the narrator, Classic 107.3’s Kathy Lawton Brown. In the role of the Veronika is Veronika Shalai (9), a 3rd grader from Kirk Day School, with Igor Shalai as Didus Ilya.

The response to this episode and Musical Ancestries in general is very enthusiastic!

It’s absolutely wonderful! I really liked it! Very informative, beautiful, funny, full of interesting stories and details, and fun! (Music Educator)

I am very impressed with the interactive platform and the content! My sons are going to go nuts over this-it’s exactly the kind of thing they love! (Parent)

Musical Ancestries: Ukraine joins episodes about West Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, India, Jewish Music and Culture, Native America, Thailand, Bosnia, Scotland, Algeria, and Brazil, all of which can be found online at

Enjoy the program and resources and please share this information with others!

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