Musical Ancestries is key to diversifying your curriculum!

Classic 107.3’s Musical Ancestries provides an easy and reliable means of integrating diverse music and cultures into your curriculum through audio, video, and active experiences.

This free and easily accessible program through the Classic 107.3 website provides a wealth of materials for your use that have been researched and vetted for accuracy, authenticity and child appropriateness, saving you valuable time! Each episode notes the National Core Music Standards addressed, including “Connecting.”

Musical Ancestries is a multi-episode program that inspires students to learn about and develop pride in their musical and cultural heritage and discover the traditions of their friends. The program is a pathway to understanding in a world that can be confusing.

“Educating kids about music is super important and if [Classic 107.3] takes the extra step and exposes them to non-western traditions as well, you’ve earned my utmost respect!” (D.M. musician and educator)

Each episode is built around a children’s radio story that is first heard on our radio station, and is then available on the Classic 107.3 website as an audio recording. Free, online teacher-created learning resources supplement the radio broadcast of the children’s story with audio and video music samples; information about instruments; examples of other art forms, like dance; history and geography; and demos, how-tos, and hands-on activities. The Musical Ancestries program works well both in-person and virtually, and is also suitable for independent student learning. Because every child, class, school, district, and region is unique, Musical Ancestries puts the educator in the driver’s seat! Choose from among the many resources those that fit your needs for a single lesson or a full unit of study.


Musical Ancestries episodes include West Africa, the Caribbean, Central America, India, Jewish Music and Culture, Native America, Thailand, Bosnia, Scotland, and Algeria, with Brazil premiering in Fall 2022. All episodes with resources can be found online at

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