Gateway Festival Orchestra Outreach Program Concerts

The GFO sponsors outreach concerts and performances  that are free and open to the public for children of all ages. Our showcase would feature a 45-minute set including a Q&A session with our small educational chamber ensembles to perform in spaces within your public library, school building, or senior living facility.  Gateway Festival Orchestra’s first board president, Lily Kaufman, loved great music and kids. In her honor, GFO’s “Developing the Active Listener” program is presented by music educators who are members of the orchestra. The program goes into camps, schools, and day care centers to reach children in the St. Louis area. If you’re interested in hosting such an event in your community, please reach out with any suggested dates and times that would be convenient for you and your organization, and we will be happy to accommodate.  As mentioned, these concerts are free and open to the public and to your organization, the only cost is your space/venue and your time. Thank you for your consideration.

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