As a partner of the Des Lee Fine Arts Collaborative, Home of Education, Arts, and Culture (HEC) shares their latest stories with us!

Stories Behind St. Louis Architecture

There’s a lot more to St. Louis architecture than just the arch!
In this video you’ll learn about some of the most historically and visually interesting structures in the city, including the Old Post Office, Soulard Market, and the Wainwright Building, which is considered the very first skyscraper.


Emerson Young Artists’ Showcase

This annual exhibit, continuing at the St. Louis Artists’ Guild  gives area high school students the important experience having their artwork shown in a gallery.


Zika Virus and Brain Tumors

Can one disease hold the key to treating another? Researchers at Washington University have discovered promising findings about the affects of Zika virus in relation to glioblastoma.



St. Louis Theater Circle Awards

Watch this special presentation available online at,, and


Head over Heels Review

Read Gerry Kowarsky’s review of Newline Theatre’s highly anticipated revival of this musical mixing 16th century romance with songs by the Go-Gos. This show continues through March 26th at the Marcelle Theater.


An Evening with Brian McNeill

Brian McNeill is a multi-instrumental Scottish folk musician and founding member of the Battlefield Band. In this free concert from HEC’s archive he plays a wide selection of music from his career going all the way back to the very first song he ever wrote.