Beginner to Advanced Ensembles

Part of SLCG Guitar Institute are two guitar ensembles for middle and high school students (one for beginner-intermediate level students and one for advanced students) led by area experts and designed to challenge each student’s technical and musical abilities.

Ensemble session dates

  • Start Date: Thursday Oct. 05, 2023
  • Ending Date: Thursday April 25., 2023


  • Beginning Ensemble: 6:00-6:50 PM,
  • Intermediate/Advanced Ensemble: 7:00-8:20 PM


  • 560 Music Center (Washington University’s Music Dept. Building and Performance Center):
    • 560 Trinity Ave. University City, MO (corner of Delmar and Trinity near Big Bend)

Fees: $239 per student/per term. If financial assistance is needed, please inquire about a scholarship. We don’t want to exclude any potential ensemble members from joining due to financial hardship. By the same token, you are welcome and encouraged to cover the cost of another student who cannot afford tuition in addition to your own student. The fees we charge for this program simply cover our costs for the ensemble director, the rehearsal space and the sheet music.
Full information including registration forms can be found here: