In conjunction with Metro Theater Company’s production of Last Stop on Market Street, MTC presents a virtual panel discussion exploring the stories of St. Louis’s own Market Street and the people who once lived in the thriving community of Mill Creek Valley which developed along Market Street. Hear from both historians and residents of the neighborhood, which was demolished starting in 1959, leaving 20,000 African American St. Louisans displaced in the name of urban renewal. Also, learn about the developing Brickline Greenway, its community partners, and how it will commemorate the Mill Creek Valley neighborhood in its former footprint along a one-mile stretch of Market Street between Compton Avenue and 22nd Street.

Lois D. Conley: Founder/President and CEO, Griot Museum of Black History
Vivian Gibson: Author of The Last Children of Mill Creek
Gwen Moore: Curator of Urban Landscape and Community Identity, Missouri Historical Society
Elizabeth Simons: Community Program Manager, Great Rivers Greenway

Moderator: Jacqueline Thompson, Director, Actor, Associate Professor of Theatre at University of Missouri-St. Louis and Metro Theater Company (MTC) Associate Artist

All digital programs during Metro Theater Company’s 2021-2022 Season are supported by PNC Arts Alive.

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