Miguel Espinoza Fusion  twists jazz, flamenco, Cuban and classical Indian musical forms into intoxicating journeys that thrill audiences! Described by Guitar Player Magazine as “mesmerizing”, Miguel Espinoza has recorded and performed with Bela Fleck, Kai Eckhardt, Kitaro, Tuck and Patti, Rita Moreno and Ben Vareen. April 2022 saw the release of their third CD – Living in a Daydream – featuring Grammy-winning pianist and Hamonicist Howard Levy.

Miguel Espinoza Fusion performs to sold out audiences across Colorado, and were the honored winners of Denver’s Westword Magazine 2019 “Best of World Music.” Their first CD, Turtle Dreams, is the winner of Indie Acoustic’s Best Instrumental Album of 2019 – full of original music that has been described as “colorful and vibrant”, “emotional”, a “stunning combination of jazz, flamenco, and subtle world music”, and ”sophisticated rhythmic elements…emotional, natural and organic”. Their second CD, Veneta, was released in August 2020. Visually and aurally stunning, with flamenco/jazz guitar, fiery cello, riveting salsa and Indian tabla, a Miguel Espinoza Fusion show is like nothing else!

Miguel Espinoza Fusion


Miguel Espinoza Fusion is world class global chamber music making that explodes the parameters of style, yet ever remains close to the heart.

~ David Balakrishnan, founding violinist/composer of the two-time Grammy winning Turtle Island Quartet

“The musical “chat” between the musicians of the Miguel Espinoza Fusion ensemble is also one in which disparate elements that have played a role in forming this music and in like manner, it is one in which everyone has a say, bringing to this art discourse, not only the flamenco that informs Mr Espinoza’s cultural references, but a wide sound world of different periods and stylistic pursuits.”

~ Raul Da Gama, LatinJazzNet.com, Full review here

“While the group’s music seems firmly rooted in jazz tradition, their keen (almost telepathic) sense of interaction, openness to eclectic cultural influences, freedom to innovate, and attention to timbral contrast make it into a gorgeous global chamber music performance emphasizing beauty, elegance and intricacy.”

~ Joe Ross, Roots Music Report, Full review here

a stunning and unique quintet

~ Marc Phillips, The Vinyl Anachronist. Full review here

Best Jazz Album – Indie Acoustic

Best of World Music – Denver Westword

Best Instrumental Album – Indie Acoustic